Hypocrisy: The SNP And Tax Avoidance

Regular as a clockwork, we hear the SNP and their followers shouting about tax avoidance and tax evasion.

But what about their own followers, supporters, members, etc?

Lets just scratch the surface on this with regard to the SNP and their supporters.

Former SNP MP Phil Boswell being very vocal against these schemes, but used one himself.

Source: BBC News


Sandy Adam, owner of Springfeild Homes, a company getting public money through the Affordable Housing Supply Programme. He’s an SNP donor,  a supporter of separation, and has been found operating thru a shell company on the Isle of Man to avoid paying tax. 

Source: Sunday Post

Brian Souter owner of Stagecoach, who has many public contracts, such as school buses across Scotland. Close friend of both Sturgeon and Salmond, major donor and SNP supporter, and gets inside knowledge of the SNP’s failed £10bn sell out to china. Caught using a complex tax avoidance scheme to avoid £11,000,000 in tax.

Source: The Guardian


And of course, who could forget Eck Salmond himself, setting up Chronicles of Deer, so he could avoid tax on his media appearances, and profits he thought he’d get from his failed book?

Source: The Telegrph


Then, last but not least, we have the Scottish Government themselves, in a partnership with a company based in a tax haven thru ScotGov owned CalMac.

Source: Express

Its fairly obvious that the SNP are not whiter than white, as they like people to think. But this brings us to something Sturgeon said in the Chamber at Holyrood.

She said that nobody involved in Tax Avoidance would get any Scottish public money.

Did she mean “nobody involved in Tax Avoidance would get any Scottish public money unless they support the SNP and Separation”?

I’ll leave you to make your own minds up on that one.

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