NHS short of 4,000 nurses, 500 consultants

SCOTLAND’S NHS is in the grip of a spiralling recruitment crisis after vacancy rates for doctors and nurses reached their highest levels on record.


The health service is short of more than 4,000 nursing and midwifery staff and 500 consultants.


At the end of June, there were 140,327 whole-time equivalent (WTE) workers employed in the health service – a total that has risen for seven years. But there were 4,013 WTE nursing and midwifery posts unfilled, a record vacancy rate of 6.3 per cent. Figures published yesterday by ISD Scotland also revealed 514 vacant WTE medical and dental consultant posts.


Simon Barker, chairman of the consultants committee of the British Medical Association Scotland, warned: ‘The truth is simple – we just do not have enough doctors.’


He said steps were needed to make medicine an appealing career choice, including reversing ‘years of real-term pay cuts’.


Scottish Conservative health spokesman Miles Briggs called it a ‘full-blown crisis’.


Health Secretary Jeane Freeman said legislation had been passed to help plan and recruit the workforce needed.

Source: Press Reader


But when Nicola Sturgeon was Health Secretary in Salmond’s executive, she slashed the numbers of training places for the very staff we’re short of now, and have been for a few years. 

Now we cant get enough staff.

Can you see the problem?

The SNP are the problem, not the solution.



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