First Minister Nicola Sturgeon defends handling of NHS despite slashing budget by £1.1BILLION

The SNP leader said ministers were getting to grips with issues despite a watchdog warning the NHS could go bust


NICOLA Sturgeon yesterday defended her handling of the NHS after a watchdog warned it could go bust.


The First Minister faced a parly onslaught and fresh claims she had presided over £1.1billion of cuts — making it harder for the health service to do its job.


She branded this week’s Audit Scotland report — which concluded the NHS north of the border is not “financially sustainable” — as “rightly blunt”.


But she insisted: “Our health service does face challenges, but we are the only UK administration with plans in place to address and overcome these.”


The Nats leader said ministers were getting to grips with issues, despite years of warnings from the watchdog that financial woes were spiralling.


Scots Labour boss Richard Leonard revealed stats showed health boards had been made to cut a total of £1.1billion in “efficiency savings” since Ms Sturgeon became First Minister in 2015.


He said: “Staff are under too much pressure, patients are waiting far too long and health boards are having to make swingeing cuts.


“That represents nothing less than an abject failure of government.”

Scottish Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie accused the SNP government of “breaking the law” by repeatedly missing the 12-week treatment time target enshrined in legislation in 2012.


Ms Sturgeon hit back, saying: “Yes, the NHS is under pressure. Rising demand is putting pressure on waiting times, but the vast majority are seen within the waiting times targets.”

Source: Scottish Sun


There you have it. £1.1bn in cuts since she came to power in 2015. BUT, in each of those years, there’s been 100s of millions left over at the enc of each financial year, just under £1bn in the last TWO fiscal years alone.

The SNP had the money, they just wouldn’t spend it. And there is a reason for that. The SNP want to create the impression of crushing Westminster austerity. But their own figures prove that completely false. Spending for Scotland has gone up year on year, not going down as they claim.

The SNP are the problem, not the solution.


Vote tactical, and vote them out.



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