Crisis Fears For Scots Fishermen

THE Scots fishing industry is facing a Brexit crisis because the Scottish Government has failed to prepare, the Tories warned last night.


There are growing fears there will not be enough environmental health officers to process paperwork on exports if the UK leaves the EU without a deal. The UK is set to quit the bloc by January 31.


Boris Johnson has agreed a new deal with Brussels but has failed to get it through Westminster, which means leaving without a formal arrangement on issues such as exports remains a possibility.


The UK Government has given Scottish Ministers more than £100 million to prepare for a No Deal Brexit. However, David Duguid, Tory candidate for the coastal constituency of Banff and Buchan, said it had failed to pass money on to the fishing sector. He said: ‘The SNP’s failure to properly prepare for Brexit is a political choice, and it could have disastrous consequences for the Scottish fishing industry. In Aberdeenshire ports like Peterhead, we do not have enough environmental health officers and the workforce will not be able to handle the extra workload.’


He added: ‘My strong suspicion is that this is a deliberate tactic by the SNP. Nicola Sturgeon wants as much chaos as possible because she thinks it will persuade more Scots to back independence.’


A spokesman for Rural Economy Secretary Fergus Ewing said: ‘The Tories’ hypocrisy is staggering. They are culpable for Brexit and the threats it poses and have failed to heed the warnings we have issued.’

Source: PressReader


Here at Unity HQ, we have no doubts that the SNP are intentionally stalling Brexit preparations to further their own aims.

They have done the same by not passing on Brexit funding to organisations such as Police Scotland, and local authorities.

Vote Tactical, Vote them out.

The SNP are the problem, not the solution.



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